North Safari Outfitters offers 5 days muskox caribou combo hunting in Western Greenland.

We hunt the muskox and caribou on the arctic tundra by the magnificent Robinson River were North Safari Outfitters have exclusive trophy hunt concession on more than 25.000 ha (62.500 acres) in one of the best region for muskox and caribou. This is a hunting adventure in the worlds ''Last Frontier'', where you stay in a hunting camp in the center of muskox and caribou land, with a remarkable view over our hunt range. The hunt camp is equipped with kitchen tent with stove and sleeping tent with fieldbeds.

The hunt is a real and challenging spot and stalk hunt. You will often be close to the big arctic Musk Ox when the shot has to be taken. The last part of the hunt is exiting in ways that sometimes test the hunter’s nerve system. When caribou hunting we trek often longer distance in high mountain tundra.

We go by foot in tundra and mountain terrain; therefor your physical health must be good. As well, as you must be able to carry your trophy (20-40 kg) sometimes long distance. There will normally be opportunity to find support for the rifle on rocks or small hills when shooting and approaching the lonely bull or family group.

We transport you to the hunting range on ATV and boats. The last distance to hunt camp we trek on foot and you will then find yourself in the middle of the wilderness, in a safari camp that will be center of some of your life’s greatest experiences. You will be hunting the exclusive MuskOx and caribou on the arctic tundra, and we offers near to 100% success on strong Musk Ox bulls with good trophy or old bulls with strong boss. The caribou in our area is the original Greenlandic Barren Ground Caribou. In the camp kitchen we cook the game we shoot.

We welcomes you to a hunt of a lifetime. Only few places in the world you find this exclusive trophy to be hunted.


- Hunt.

- 1:2 guiding.

- Stay in hunting camp.

- Muskox and caribou license.

- Full accommodation in hunt camp.

- All transport.

- Practical trophy handling.

Not included:

- Flight ticket Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq.

- Stay in hotel before departure.

- Export papers for each trophy.

- Tips.

- License for extra musk ox.

Price 6.400 Euro


Day 1:

- Arrival to Kangerlussuaq

- Outfitter receives at the airport.

- Sailing to hunting area.

- Trekking / hunting to hunt camp.

- Musk ox - caribou stalking hunt.

- Overnight stay at hunting camp.

Day 2-4:

- Spot and stalk musk ox - caribou hunt.

- Overnight stay at hunting camp.

- Small game hunting (if possible).

Day 5:

- Musk ox - caribou stalking hunt.

- Return to Kangerlussuaq.

- Overnight accommodation at hotel

Day 6:

- Departure from Kangerlussuaq.

Practical information - musk ox / caribou hunting

Required gear

- Practical clothing (multiple layers)

- Waterproof breathable outer clothing

- Well fitting trekking boots

- Riffle (can be rented at North Safari)

- Backpack (all luggage in backpack)

- Sleeping bag (minimum comfort temp. -5 C)

- Personal drinking bottle

- Sunglasses

- Camera

- Personal grooming articles

- Personal medications

Possible other costs:

- Extra musk ox or caribou license (must be booked in advance): 950 euro.

- Export papers, trophy packing and turn in for shipping and veterinary

documentation: For each trophy 200 euro.

- Shipping of trophies.

- Tips.

- Riffle rental: 135 euro.

- Single room Hotel Kangerlussuaq: 160 euro

- Air ticket Copenhagen – Kangerlussuaq t/r: App.: 750 euro

- Rental of sleeping bag: 100 Eur

- From 2019 Government trophy fee 270 euro per trophy

Various information

The camp

In the camp, we have three tents with field beds and field kitchen. The camp is simple but functional, we have a generator, but because we have to carry fuel in backpack it is only for emergency, so make sure that all batteries are full before going. Only the kitchen tent will be headed morning and evening!

The Food

Breakfast: Bread with butter, cheese, jam and oats.

Lunch: Rye bread with sliced meat.

Dinner: Freeze-dried meals or meals made out of the animal we shoot.

Beverages is coffee, tea, juice and water. You are welcome to take alcoholic beverages with you.

Weapons to Greenland

It is allowed to bring firearms and ammunition to Greenland, remember to bring your “home country” weapon/hunt license. We send you declaration form you fill out and bring with you. Contact your air flight company for info regarding air flight regulations. It is possible to rent a firearm from North Safari.

The Weather

Kangerlussuaq has an ''inland'' climate with warm summers and cold winters. It is located above the polar circle and has an arctic climate.

In winter, there is very little risk of rain and lots of sunshine. On a warm day, the temperature can rise up to app. 0 C. Be prepared for temperatures from 0 to –40 C. Snow and rain is not very common in winter time, but can occur.

Shipping of trophies

We ship all trophies frozen to taxidermist in Denmark. Taxidermist in Denmark will "Dip and Ship" trophies to customers taxidermist or do the complete mounting. Please contact us for taxidermist price list.

Because of our remote location and only 2-3 ship per year, expect 3-6 month delivery time to taxidermist. Please contact us for shipping price list. Please note, any claims regarding damage is between hunter and shipping company.

General facts

The Outfitter/guides

The outfitter and all of our guides have received first aid training. They all speak and understand the Nordic languages (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish) as well as English. Some guides also speak German, but it is required that participants speak at least one of the Nordic languages or English.

Air tickets

There are daily (in March and April only four days in the week) direct flights from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq. Contact your local travel agent, or click here to visit and buy your ticket online. IMPORTANT: All arrival and departure dates must be agreed in advance with North Safari.


30 % deposit of Full amount to be paid upon booking to (deposit is not refundable):

IBAN no. DK1720000715717786

Swift no. NDEADKKK

Participation is only valid when full payment has been received.

Passport and visa

Are not required for Nordic and EU nationals, but we recommend that you bring your passport with you. Non-EU citizens, please contact your local Danish Embassy or your travel agent.


Danish Kroner. There is no bank in Kangerlussuaq. Visa credit cards are accepted in the Post Office, supermarket and at the airport and in our shop.

Insurance and safety

On all trips we are equipped with satellite phone, GPS and first aid kit. On sail trips floating suits, VHF radio and emergency flares.

Outfitter and guides are trained in first aid.

IMPORTANT: Participants are required to obtain insurance covering cancellation, illness, accidents and home transport.

The animal life

The range around Kangerlussuaq has the largest herds of musk ox in the world, and a large stock of caribou. Polar fox, polar hare, ptarmigan, sea eagle, peregrine falcon can often be seen.